Create your own unique action plan to help your self!

In this personal, small workshop group (maximum participants 20) you won’t get lost in the crowd.  Expect one to one attention and you questions answered.  In groups this size it’s more a tutorial experience than a seminar.

At the conclusion of the workshop, you’ll have completed the 88 page workbook – and filled in your unique personal answers to create your values, archetypes and awareness profile.  That’s a powerful boost to your self growth journey! 

A more meaningful experience begins with greater awareness – and this workshop offers greater awareness and understanding.
  • Module One
  • Explore Personal Values
  • Personal Values Assessment 1
  • Personal Values Assessment 2

  • Module Two
  • Explore Archetypes
  • Archetype Analysis 
  • Align Values and Archetypes 
  • Module Three
  • Fulfilment and Satisfaction
  • Creating Your Vision Outcomes
  • Implementing in Real Life

  • Welcome to the Self Help Masterclass, where you’ll learn the heart-centered approach to personal coaching.  
​As part of this discovery course, you’ll work through exercises and activities to help reveal what truly satisfies and fulfills you.  This approach is a proven way to overcome feelings of being stuck, or feeling overwhelmed.  It is also a powerful way to get inspired and motivated to achieve greater success.

By the end of the 4 Hour Workshop, you’ll have a takeaway action plan to implement in your daily life!  This can be a wonderful healing opportunity, a turning point for relationships, a success strategy for your passion project, or a blueprint for your daily routine.  You’ll find that working alongside like-minded people with similar, healthy outcomes in mind means you’ll benefit from the energy of the room.

It is important to make clear at the beginning that any course of action – and that is what the Self Help Masterclass is about – begins with setting goals that are in alignment with your personal values and archetype strengths.  So we start the workshop by identifying your personal values using two heart-centered methods.

As the workshop progresses you’ll be introduced to thought leaders and recommended reading in the personal development space.  It is an amazingly liberating feeling to know that you can begin profound personal changes simply by adjusting your mindset.

Self Help Masterclass is like nothing you have experienced previously.  It’s a unique workshop infused with a live coaching session – all in a safe, small group setting
with like minded people.

Yes, this course is for you – you can do this. 
“​Argue for your limitations and you will get to keep them”

Reserve your seat now $47
(maximum 20 participants)

It’s an opportunity to awaken from a lifetime of illusions and being led only by our thinking mind.  Heart centered consciousness is about  empathy, compassion and intuition.  Many of us have learned the hard way that competitive striving based on selfish desire does not lead to fulfilling happiness and contentment.
Now, we are finding the courage for a new balance, not based on fear and separateness, but on love and connection.